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COVID-19: Setting Up Remote Teams for Success -Building a Remote Work culture

Instructor Tony White 
Webinar ID 30062
Duration 60 Minutes  

Webinar Price Details

This practical webinar provides Team Leaders, Supervisors, Project Managers and HR specialists with the tools & techniques to both get a remote team up and running quickly as well as building a culture of workplace engagement and business results.


Overnight many organizations have had to change their fundamental approach to getting work done through teams; specifically, they are having to rely more heavily on a remote team structure.
Leading face -to - face teams in today's workplace can be challenging enough on the best days- leading remote teams in a daily changing global environment takes this challenge to the next level.
Based on current remote team experience and recent research, this practical webinar provides Team Leaders, Supervisors, Project Managers and HR specialists with the tools & techniques to bo

Why should you Attend

  • Get a new remote team up and running quickly
  • Build (or rebuild) a remote work team culture that values both workplace engagement and business results
  • Be creative in getting remote teams more engaged and motivated

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Advanced poll questions of your experience with remote teams
  • Pros and cons of virtual teams and why they are essential NOW
  • Building the foundation of a high-performance team culture- the role of the leader throughout the team growth cycle
  • Practical remote tips and techniques around:
    • Communication
    • Meetings
    • Technology
    • Engagement
    • Celebrations
    • Peer collaboration
    • Tips to facilitate effective remote meetings

Who Will Benefit

  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Lead Hands
  • Human Resource specialists

Speaker Profile

Tony White is often referred to as the "people skill and leadership specialist," as he speaks and trains on numerous disciplines ranging from communication and team leadership to change management and negotiation skills and has done so globally for over 30 years. His hallmark "down to earth" style and real world practical advice - based on both current research and practical experience - make him a sought after global speaker and coach.

Tony is the author of "Make It Happen - A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams".

His three-decades plus of business experience is truly unparalleled as he has strategically built his credibility and maintained his relevance by being involved in numerous high profile projects and business ownership opportunities. Currently, Tony spends part of his time on a remote team of a mid-sized, high profile global manufacturing organization. Tony also works with numerous blue-chip consulting firms including the prestigious Boston-based "Vantage Partners".

In addition to his Master's degree in management he is a Certified Personality Dimensionsā„¢ Facilitator, DISC Trained, Adler Trained Coach, PROSCIā„¢ ADKAR Change Management Trained and a Certified Training Practitioner."