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About US

S2M Training is a professional training provider that offers learning on a wide variety of subjects through in person, live seminars. These seminars are organized in important locations around the globe, and bring together an exclusive collection of experts from all over the world.

Our professional training spans a broad range of subjects:

  • Regulatory compliance: Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food, aerospace, manufacturing, etc.
  • Healthcare: Patient Protection and Affordable Care, HIPAA, HITECH Act, Stark and Anti-Kickback Act, etc.
  • Human resources: COBRA, Discrimination, Documentation, Harassment and Occupational safety, ADA, OSHA, etc.

Many benefits of in-person training

We at S2M Training believe that only best-in-class, in-depth professional training can help regulatory professionals meet regulatory compliance expectations. This deep level of learning is best enabled through in person, live seminars. Our seminars offer several benefits to our participants:

  • They learn directly from the expert
  • They can have any of their pain areas and clarifications addressed with the expert directly
  • They can interact with their peers in the industry
  • They can gain in-depth learning which they can put to use in their organizations
  • They get certified and earn credits for attending these seminars. These go on to augment their careers significantly.

Features of S2M Training seminars

Our seminars are designed to help regulatory, healthcare and human resources professionals achieve greater clarity about the regulatory requirements, compliance with which is often part of the day-to-day work. The learning taught through this medium is of special significance and value addition to professionals, and goes a long way in helping them to meet these.

Since compliance with regulatory requirements is mandatory for regulatory professionals; we ensure through our seminars that these professionals meet these requirements. Staying compliant is the surest way to address legal, quality and safety issues at work. An organization that meets regulatory requirements is considered a reliable and trustworthy one in the market, and earns investor and customer confidence.

Our seminars are packed with these features:

  • Our seminars instill knowledge of the latest developments and updates in the respective industries
  • Learning at these seminars is taught by very well-known experts in their respective areas
  • Our seminars are organized in strategic locations around the world.

S2M Training Consulting

In addition to imparting professional training through seminars, we also offer consulting to our clients.