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Speaker Opportunity

S2M Training offers you the opportunity share your expertise and your love of your subject!

Has working as a regulatory compliance, healthcare or human resources professional given you the edge over many of your peers? Do you feel that you have aggregated sufficient knowledge in your field that gives you the confidence to share it among people who are looking for more? Do you believe that the wealth of knowledge and experience that you have accumulated working as a regulatory compliance or healthcare or human resources professional or running a business in any of these fields is insightful and worth sharing?

S2M Training enables you to share your knowledge and experiences with working professionals in the regulatory compliance, healthcare or human resources areas. S2M Training looks for richly experienced people such as you to join its team of Experts, and impart your in-depth knowledge of your area of specialization.

Benefits to experts at S2M Training
  • Working as an expert for S2M Training and teaching its courses at seminars organized by it offer a great opportunity to make a name in your field and grow in popularity among professionals in your areas
  • You could also convert this speaker opportunity into a high income-yielding side activity. At S2M Training, we offer you all the support you need, right from organizing these seminars to making the necessary bookings for your travel and accommodation to training infrastructure to marketing
  • S2M Training offers you the freedom to work at your pace. The number of seminars you want to teach at and their locations are entirely your choice.
  • It helps you to interact with people from all levels in your industry and earn their respect.

You will be reaching out to an eager audience of professionals that are hungry to learn more from you about certain aspects of their profession. Professionals with varying levels of knowledge and experience take part in our seminars. Our seminars are held at global locations, but are primarily based in Europe and the US.

Interested? Please get in touch with us at simply submit your details below to have us contact you. Please fill out the form on this page, and we will get back to you soon.

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