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Speaker Profile

Maure Ann Metzger


Maure Ann Metzger , ED.D. is an author, trainer, consultant and psychologist. Her 20+ years of experience as a consultant, trainer and psychologist provides for a unique and holistic approach to her work with organizations and employees.

Dr. Metzger has successfully guided organizations through strategic development efforts, change initiatives and evaluation processes. In addition to her work with organizations, Dr. Metzger is a member of the Minnesota Change Management Network.

Dr. Metzger offers training and consulting that addresses recent changes and challenges in the workforce and workplace. Her training focuses on creating healthy workplaces that support employee well-being, retention, and growth. Examples of general training topics include:

New employee Onboarding
Mentorship Programs
Change Management
Employee Well-Being, Resiliency and Growth

In addition to training, Dr. Metzger has led strategic development and change management initiative in organizations. Examples include:

New Employee Induction Programs
Mentorship Programs
Employee Engagement Stakeholder Research
Professional Development for Employees
Motivational Interviewing with Clients
Solution-Focused Practices

Maure Ann Metzger holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and has been the recipient of numerous awards in her career.