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Speaker Profile

Ivy Barreto


Ivy Barreto (Ivy.i) is a Business Relationship Architect, a Developer, Certified NLP, CBT and Neuro Art Coach, Emotional Geographer, Speaker, and Strategist Consultant.

A community driven individual, who believes that “your life is like building a dream home”, a member of Association of Black Coaches and Founder of Hugs Consultancy a Relationship Healing and Business Accountability Hub, with the mission to empower women and communities through coaching and healing pain for transformational empowerment. She is known as ‘the Business Relationship Architect’ because she brings skills of 15 years’ experience from the Architectural Industry to the corporate, coaching, and mentoring arena.

She assists individuals/businesses to unlock hidden potential and maximize performance. By believing, encouraging, developing, leveraging relationships with creative ways and measures. Enabling her clients with the power to visualize and recreate the current space within self and habitat and how to move through the world, with eagle eye analogy”.

Ivy.i only helps individuals who are ready to transit from ‘broken’ to affluent. Converting their emotional trauma faced from the past, leveraging strengths in to present for a better and profitable future by rebranding the “I” within, with HUGS methodology. She unlocks their code for a purpose, because she believes that “happiness is seeing them smile again”.