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Speaker Profile

Kathy Kaluza Morris

Director/Owner, igivuWings

Kathy Kaluza Morris has been a special educator for 45 years, serving as a speech therapist, self-contained teacher of students with behavior disorders, moderate to severe developmental disabilities as well as a resource teacher and first grade teacher.

She served as a diagnostician and supervisor in a district where she opened up the first two LIFE Skills programs in the state of Texas before becoming a consultant for autism, behavior and inclusion at a region service center in Texas. Starting her own business, igivuWings, in 1999 she provides seminars nationally and internationally. She served on the President's Commission on Special Education, was Teacher of the Year and recently, she and her husband were honored by the ARC of Texas with the Lifetime Achievement Award Serving Persons with Disabilities.

Kathy and her husband, Guy, "walk the walk and talk the talk" since the birth of their twin sons with developmental disabilities, including autism and cerebral palsy.